Introducing Team collaboration - share queries and collections with Altair GraphQL (alpha)

March 05, 2023

Sometime last year, we announce the remote sync functionality. However this only allowed you to sync your collections across devices.

Today we are thrilled to announce a new feature in Altair GraphQL Client: team collaboration (in alpha)! With this new feature, users can now easily share queries and collections with their team members, enabling more effective collaboration and streamlined workflows.

The new team sharing feature is currently in alpha and can be tested by enabling experimental mode in Altair. Once enabled, users will be able to login and have access to a dashboard where they can create teams with team members to share queries and collections with. This allows for improved and seamless collaboration between team members.

Please note that this feature is still in alpha and is not yet fully tested or stable. We encourage users to use caution when testing this feature and to provide feedback on their experience. Your feedback will be essential in helping us refine and improve this feature as we move towards a full release.

While in alpha/beta phase, you can only create 1 team with 1 other team member, and you are allowed to have a maximum of 20 queries. These limits should be sufficient to get the feature tested without a huge cost incurred if something goes wrong. We will gradually increase these limits as we approach a full release.

NOTE: This feature is available to all platforms, and not just the desktop apps.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts and feedback!

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