Altair GraphQL introducing remote sync functionality - now in beta

September 21, 2022

We have released Altair GraphQL Client v5.0.0 recently and with it, comes a brand refresh, but also the beta release of the remote sync functionality.

Traditionally, Altair has been delightful for developers working locally on their own, with the ability to store queries and collections to disk. Sharing these documents across devices and teammates by manually copying the files over is not a great experience as it requires a manual process, and the copied files can easily get out of sync.

Synced collection on device #1 Synced collection on device #2

Now with the newly added remote sync functionality, once a collection is synced, it is no longer local to the device but is accessible from any device where the account is logged in, and changes made to the collection becomes immediately available to the other devices as well. One thing that is not yet available though is the ability to share the documents to other people or within a team.

This feature is still in beta though, and so there will still be some kinks that need to be addressed before it becomes stable enough for General Availability. While in beta, the number of queries that can be created are limited to 25 which should be large enough to checkout this feature. As it becomes more stable, the limit would be gradually increased. We can’t wait to fully release this but we would need your help testing it and providing us with lots of feedback to improve it!

Account login

As with all other beta features, to enable this new feature, you should enable experimental features from the settings, and then you will have access to this feature (you can access the login dialog by clicking the icon at the bottom left corner). NOTE: It does not work in Mozilla or Chrome extensions just yet but support should be coming there soon.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts and feedback!

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